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We agree @jhamoi, a box of 6 Magnum Minis is way better than flowers on Valentine's day. #MagnumMiniPH

Magnum Ice Cream

I wrote social media content for Magnum Ice Cream.



The Client

Magnum is a Belgian ice cream brand most known for its decadent crackling chocolate-covered ice cream bar . This particular campaign is marketed towards aspirational young adult professionals looking to reward themselves with an indulgent treat.

The Objective

Support the paid media campaign involving local celebrities and social media influencers with owned content that communicates "You deserve to reward yourself with Magnum."

The Strategy

Use earned media as owned content. Post and credit the people who have tagged Magnum ice cream on the brand's official instagram and Facebook page. This encourages Magnum lovers online to post their Magnum story for a chance to get featured in our page, and in turn influence their followers to post too.

We love how @m3chellee documented the life of a Magnum Mini, one indulgent bite at a time!  #MagnumMiniPH

Enjoy life’s many pleasures, six of which are already in this box. Thank you @iamanniemedina for the photo! #MagnumMiniPH

Celebrate a perfect day with the perfect treat, Magnum Mini. Thank you @ljbothwell for the photo. #MagnumMiniPH

Workaholics unite. You all deserve a bite of pleasure. #MagnumMiniPH

Source: @ctn.rmzn

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