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Summer’s here! Cool down with Selecta’s newest flavor, premium Ube Pastillas ice cream! Made from high quality ube and milky pastillas, it’s a delicious and exciting treat for the whole family. #Selecta

Selecta Ice Cream

I wrote social media content for Selecta.


The Client

Selecta is a popular ice cream brand in the Philippines. It is marketed as a treat the whole family can enjoy.

The Objective

Create Facebook owned content that encourages engagement and feature the Selecta commercials currently airing.

The Strategy

Create simple guessing games, polls, and other brain teasers that feature the Selecta products and the Selecta commercial.

Guess the flavor of the new Selecta ice cream. Hint, the answer is in the riddle itself. #Selecta 

This new Selecta flavor is so chocolatey, filled with toffee, and crunchy. It’s Choco Toffee Crunch, of course! #Selecta

What's Buddy the Dog thinking? Caption this photo and get featured in the next post. #Selecta 

Why not make your weekend dessert extra special? Bring home an irresistably yummy Selecta Mango Graham Cake for the whole fam. #Selecta

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